Drake’s Cakes Return To Shelves In Less Than A Week

drakeHave you missed Drake’s coffee cakes, Ring Dings, Devil Dogs, and Yodels during the period they’ve been off shelves since the bankruptcy and breakup of Hostess? Good news! Your favorite duck-approved snacks will return to you starting next week.

The official relaunch date is September 25, and beginning then there will be a product locator on the Drake’s website. Thank goodness.

Twinkies have been back in stores since July, but a different company inherited the Drake feathers. McKee Foods, the makers of Little Debbie, purchased the brand’s products and recipes.

For now, even though they have the same parent company, similar products across the Hostess, Drake’s, and traditionally lower-priced Little Debbie lines will compete rather than merging. That’s good: I don’t think I could choose between Yodels and Swiss Cake Rolls.

“Our first mission is to get the most popular and familiar tastes back into the pantries and lunch boxes of Drake’s loyal fans,” an important snack executive was quoted saying in the company’s press release. If you look at the Drake’s Facebook page, anxious fans await the return of fruit pies and Funny Bones. Pray that they don’t have to suffer much longer.

Drake’s Cakes [Facebook]

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