Dairy Queen Manager Kicks Cash-Stealing Meanie Out Of Store, Redeems Humanity

dqLet’s say that you’re in line at Dairy Queen behind a blind man, who drops his cash and cards on the floor. While he scrambles to pick everything up, you pick up a $20 bill from the floor. Not to be helpful, though: to steal. Then the Dairy Queen cashier kicks you out of the store, and…gets fired for it? No!

For once, someone standing up to a jerk got well-earned praise, not punishment. The exchange described above really did happen at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota. The woman who picked up the money claimed that it had been hers all along, and the manager, then working the cash register asked her to leave. He then took $20 out of his own pocket, took it over to the blind man’s table, and simply said, “Here, I think you dropped this.”

That would end the cashier’s day of Being an Awesome Human Being, but it gets even better. A customer watched this entire exchange and wrote a letter to the owner, which was posted on the restaurant wall.


From there, someone took a picture of the letter and it ended up on Facebook and on Reddit. The manager is now famous, with strangers calling up the restaurant to ask to talk to him. There’s “something” in the mail for him from headquarters: maybe a check for $20, or maybe something even better.

Hopkins Dairy Queen Manager’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral [CBS Minnesota]

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