Here Are Some Short Videos Of People Being Morons At Walmart

There are a lot of Walmart stores out there, many of them open all hours of the night, and some of them located in towns where the temptation of late-night buffoonery inside of a Walmart might be the most entertaining thing you can do at 3 a.m. Thankfully, we live in an age where such acts of sheer idiocy can be caught on camera and shared with the world.

Huffington Post has a pretty hilarious round-up of 20 such Vine videos
, which means they are all only a few seconds long and looped for your full enjoyment. It also means they are mercifully muted so you can watch them at your office without necessarily drawing the attention of your boss.

Here are just a few that tickled our early afternoon funny bones, though we have to note that you should never, ever, please for the love of all things decent, ever try to do any of these things.

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