Who Throws A Shoe? A Shopkeeper Fending Off Armed Robbers, That’s Who

A snaggle-toothed time-traveling Brit once asked a question for the ages: “Who throws a shoe?” Friends, the answer to that Powersian question is: “Someone who has nothing else on hand but needs to fight off armed robbers.” A Manchester shopkeeper over in the United Kingdom flew in the face of that incredulous question, fending off intruders with his footwear.

The Telegraph says the police are praising the man based on CCTV video of two would-be robbers entering a service station. The worker greets the knife-wielding thieves with his shoe in the hand, and manages to force the men toward the door despite being stabbed in the arm.

At one point he also picked up a glass jar to defend himself, but the shoe seems to be the star of this story. Although we have to admit, he may not have actually thrown it, but he did brandish it as a weapon.

Eventually, the suspects fled without taking anything, as the man is seen on the video chasing them outside, clad in his remaining single shoe.

“This man’s heroic actions meant that these thieves got away empty handed, but for his trouble he was wounded. We will do all we can to find the men responsible,” said a detective, adding that cops would very much like to speak to a woman who walked in moments before the attack but wasn’t around when police showed up on the scene.

“We need to find out everything that she may have heard or seen, including before the robbery. We urge her to get in touch as soon as possible.”

The shopkeeper suffered two puncture wounds and needed 12 stitches after one of the suspects stabbed him during the fray.

In case you’re not entirely familiar with the repertoire of one Mike Myers:

Manchester shopkeeper fights off armed robbers with shoe [The Telegraph]

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