“No Sagging Allowed” At Some McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the latest battleground in the ongoing war over saggy trousers. The owner of several Golden Arches franchises in Texas recently began posting signs making it clear to all that there will be “No Sagging Allowed in This Restaurant.”

WFAA-TV in Dallas has confirmed the signs in at least eight McDonald’s locations in the area, all owned by the same franchisee.

McDonald’s HQ did not respond to the station’s request for comment, but the signs are being applauded by one Dallas City Council member, who has apparently spent the better part of a decade worrying about whether or not folks’ pants are properly secured around their waistlines.

“You can let some money chase away the real money, the long-term money,” he explains. “And I’m sure McDonald’s and other restaurants would rather sell a hundred hamburgers versus five.”

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