LivingSocial Thinks Right Now Is A Great Time To Travel To Flood-Stricken Colorado

Anyone who doesn’t realize there have been floods raging in Colorado for days now, wreaking havoc on thousands of homes and killing at least eight people (with hundreds of others missing), must not be paying attention to the news. One such person likely works at LivingSocial, as the deal site reportedly pushed a package to one of the hardest hit areas in the state.

Valleywag reports that the deal was still live as of last night after hitting subscribers inboxes yesterday on what would appear to be a totally automated process. Now, however, the link is just redirecting to a general “escapes” page. The promo reportedly offered the below description to entice potential travelers:

To say that Estes Park, Colorado, is “picture-perfect” doesn’t do it justice—no glossy print, no matter the resolution, could capture the breathtaking mountain views reflected in ice-cold, tree-lined streams the way an in-person visit can.

Unfortunately, the reality is a lot less picture-perfect in Estes Park, where heavy rains have hit the area in the last week the Colorado Office of Emergency Management says seven people were confirmed dead in the flooding.

Someone over at LivingSocial HQ might want to turn off auto-pilot and pay attention to current events. Just a thought.

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