Nothing Says Internet Like A Choreographed Dance/Marriage Proposal At Home Depot

These days if you want to get engaged and have the burning desire to share your special moment with millions of people on the Internet, you’ve got to pull out all the stops. There must be a choregoraphed dance routine, if not a choreographed singing and dance routineAnd it needs to be in a public place where such things don’t usually go down. Like say… Home Depot? Home Depot works.

A Utah couple now only has to dance down the aisle for the next viral chapter in their love story, after a man surprised his boyfriend with the elaborate proposal at a Salt Lake City Home Depot.

The man thought he was going to help his roommate pick out some lighting, but instead found a bunch of his brightly-dressed friends family waiting to do a dance routine to a peppy ditty “Somebody Loves You.”

That somebody is now his (SPOILER ALERT HE SAYS YES AND YOU MIGHT CRY WHILE SITTING ON YOUR COUCH EATING CHEETOS) husband-to-be and co-star in what will surely be making the rounds of your friends Facebook pages for at least the next two weeks. Congratulations!

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