Mexican Restaurant: Sorry We Gave You Bloody Diarrhea. Please Come Back, Have A Free Burrito!

Burrito bribery.

Burrito bribery.

Much like a customer might be wary of returning to say, the Carnival Triumph aka Poop Cruise, we can’t imagine many of the 74 diners who endured bloody diarrhea after eating at Federico’s Mexican Food will be tempted to cross that restaurant’s threshold any time soon. But that isn’t stopping the eatery from begging people to return in the form of free burrito bribery.

Any brave customer who returns to Federico’s on Monday to celebrate Mexican Independence Day will get a free burrito, the Phoenix New Times blog Valley Fever reports (H/T to Gawker).

And lest you’re worried the contents of your bowels will once again celebrate their independence from your body in a disgusting flood, Federico’s is touting the aid it enlisted from the “Queen of Clean,” an Oprah Winfrey-approved TV cleaning person who goes on TV, to rid the restaurant of that pesky E. Coli. She even made a video to prove how much cleaning she did.

Local health officials said the bloody diarrhea outbreak sickened 74 people in early August, including 34 who were hospitalized as a result.

Cleanliness as explained by the TV lady:

Federico’s Mexican Food Offering Free Burritos for That Whole Bloody-Diarrhea Outbreak Thing

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