Velveeta Understands The Internet, Sends Nyan Cat Creator One-Of-A-Kind T-Shirt

The motherlode, if the motherlode was cheesy and cat-like.

The motherlode, if the motherlode was cheesy and cat-like.

In an applause-worthy move on Velveeta’s part, the brand has provided delightful evidence that it does, indeed, understand the Internet. Nyan Cat’s creator Chris Torres was disappointed with the paltry amount of pasta in his quick cup, and tweeted as such. Velveeta’s cheesy ears were listening.

Torres tweeted at Velveeta a few weeks ago with evidence of his unsatisfying meal, but didn’t really expect to hear another word about it:

“To my surprise they wrote back asking for my shipping info,” he tells Consumerist, sending the aforementioned photo of the result of that exchange (and granting us permission to spread the word about this marvel of a Nyan shirt). “Today, I got an amazing package from them. Guess they’re big fans of my creation, Nyan Cat! Never had a company go all out like this, they’ve won over my loyalty for life.”

It is a pretty sweet shirt. High five for knowing your memes, Velveeta.

As if you need a reminder:

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