Texas State Fair Presents Deep-Fried Nutella

Well, it’s state and county fair season, which can only mean one thing. This is America, darn it, and there is nothing in this great nation that we aren’t able to fry. This summer, word out of Texas is that deep-fried Nutella is the new hotness. Nutella?

Of course, no one is throwing globs of chocolate-hazelnut spread in boiling oil and calling it a day. Like the battering and frying of soft drinks, beer, or butter, the Nutella needs a doughy container.

The spread is whipped with cream cheese, presumably to boost the cholesterol content, and spread on phyllo dough. Rolled-up sheets go into the fryer, and the whole thing gets topped with honey and almonds.

Maybe chocolate isn’t your style. How about the Texas Fireball, which is a fried ball of pimiento cheese, pickles, cayenne pepper, and bacon served with chipotle (not Chipotle) sauce. If you want something more festive and seasonally inappropriate, try the fried Thanksgiving Dinner. That’s a ball of turkey and stuffing that’s rolled in corn meal before going in the fryer, and is served with gravy.

These delicacies are part of an annual contest to find the most wonderful fried food in the state. Last year’s winner was a fried bacon cinnamon roll. Of course. Bacon.


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