Time Warner Cable Hands Out Free Antennas In Markets Without CBS: That Solves Everything

Sure, Time Warner Cable customers in major markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas have to spend this summer without reruns of “Undercover Boss” and that show with the people trapped inside a mystery dome. The company has an answer for that, though: no, not an amicable agreement with CBS. They’re handing out free indoor rabbit ears while supplies last, or $20 antenna vouchers in these markets.

Those vouchers are only good at Best Buy, which is better than not getting $20 to put toward the antenna of your choice. Our colleagues over at Consumer Reports found that the best models across the board cost around $30.

TWC customers in NYC, LA, Dallas, and parts of Wisconsin are eligible for the free gadgets. This may be a dangerous game for Time Warner. Encouraging customers to get television content over the air for free may set a dangerous precedent. They could come to realize that high definition video can enter their homes in ways other than through a coaxial cable, which may open up an entire world of possibilities.

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