Customer Wants Refund After Storage Facility Let Rats Eat Her Stuff

ratsratsratsratsWhen you rent a storage unit, you sort of assume that most of your worldly belongings won’t be nommed on by rats. That’s why you’re paying for a storage unit, and didn’t pile your furniture and family heirlooms in the woods or in an abandoned building. Yet a California storage facility just sort of shrugged when one of their customers lost many of her belongings in a rat infestation.

Whose job is it to keep storage rooms rodent-free? The contract that customers sign says that the company isn’t in charge of keeping your possessions safe, stating that the company will “have no responsibility to occupant for any loss, liabilty, claim, expense, damage to property…. from any cause.” Insurance is available to customers, but it covers a relatively small amount, and isn’t much comfort when irreplaceable things get destroyed by rodents. For example, the critters made a nest out of her son’s baby blanket.

The dispute, which the woman took to CBS Sacramento’s Kurtis Ming, is over the $2,800 that she’s paid to the storage facility so far. She’d like some of that money back, and the facility won’t budge. She doesn’t want the facility to cover the cost of replacing her belongings, but she doesn’t appreciate that she paid them $400 per month to let rats in to her storage locker.

The company wasn’t interested in returning the TV station’s calls, and the industry group that the company belongs doesn’t think that they have any obligation to compensate her for her lost belongings. What about for their bad job storing her stuff?

Call Kurtis: Public Storage Doesn’t Care That Rats Destroyed My Stuff [CBS Sacramento]

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