Someone Please Send Man That Check He’s Expecting So He Stops Chasing Mail Carriers

The difference between a dog running after the mail carrier and a human hounding the same worker is that we, as a species, have the power of higher reasoning. A dog isn’t going after a mail carrier because he or she didn’t bring an expected piece of mail as dogs operate on instinct and also because dogs don’t usually get mail. The point is: It’s not your mail carrier’s fault if that check hasn’t arrived yet, so use the human power of logic and chill out.

A mail carrier in Milwaukee was reportedly chased down and threatened by one of her customers after he didn’t get a check in the mail that he’d been waiting for, reports The woman said she was going about doing her job when the man became upset.

She says he confronted her outside his apartment, and when she tried to run away he chased after her, leading her to seek refuge in another residence.

“She was scared to death,” said the woman who sheltered the postal worker in her apartment building. She says the carrier called 911 once the door was locked against the man, as he waited outside, ostensibly still fuming.

“He said something about a check. What? She ain’t got it. How are you going to make her hand you a check?” the witness said.

Exactly the point: If the check hasn’t arrived, a mail carrier can’t magically produce it. If it got lost in the mail, then taking the complaint directly to the USPS will get more results than simply terrifying someone trying to do her job.

“We do have instances where people are upset but normally they are handled in a civil manner,” said the postal inspector.

Police cited the man for disorderly conduct in this incident, as well as another similar showdown earlier this week.

*Thanks to my mom for this tip! You’re the best.

Wauwatosa postal carrier threatened, chased while on job []


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