Sorry: Sears Won’t Be Giving Members $6,000 In Points For Purchasing $45 Worth Of Stuff

How exciting! Or not. How sad. Sigh.

How exciting! Or not. How sad. Sigh.

Typos can be quite harmless at best (No, this is not he best post over, it’s the best post ever, etc), and disastrous at the worst. Right in the middle there’s just plain embarrassing, an area Sears is inhabiting today after sending an email to its Shop Your Way rewards members touting an offer of $6,000 worth of points just for purchasing $45 worth of kids’ products. The deal is a lot less exciting than all that.

Our friend Gitte Laasby over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online points out the email which at first, seems to be all on the up-and-up: The offer of $6 (no zeroes) in points, which is 6,000 points, for spending $45 on the wee ones is the real deal at the top.

But then further down in the copy there’s another message which could be confusing and will ultimately dash shoppers’ hopes:

“Ta-da! $6,000 in points for that purchase!” Ta-da indeed! That’s a whole lotta “surprise” points. And you won’t be getting them, Sears said in a follow-up email, noting that those surprise points were a surprise to the retailer as well.

“Imagine our surprise when we saw our typo! Unfortunately an error in one portion of the message referenced the available point value as a dollar value. And while it’s our goal to WOW you, we sincerely apologize for any confusion, inconvenience or excessive ‘Oh WOWs’ caused by our mistake.”

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Sears goofs on member offer [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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