This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

Buy a large gun safe, get ten free bales of Mexican bud? That’s an appealing and potentially very lucrative promotion, but wasn’t an actual thing. Authorities are still trying to figure out who put 285 pounds of marijuana in a $1,700 gun safe that was shipped from Mexico to a customer in Ohio. They believe the customer that he didn’t order it, namely because he was the one who reported the shipment to police.

The safe came from a company in Mexico that happens to use prison labor to package its products. Somewhere between that prison in Nogales and the final destination in Ohio, it evidently got switched with another safe that came with some bonus items. The packaging was ideal: the safe already weighs 1,000 pounds and closes up tightly, concealing the airtight packages even further. The safes might have passed even an examination by drug-sniffing dogs.

Law enforcement gave an estimated street valueof $420,000 for the 285 pounds of pot. Someone out there must be pretty upset about the delivery swap, but that person has been identified yet. Authorities would really like to talk to the driver of the delivery truck, but he can’t be found.

285 pounds of pot delivered to the wrong house [WDTN]
Ohio Man Orders Empty Gun Safe, Finds 300 Pounds of Pot Inside [ABC News] (Warning: auto-play video)

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