Instagramming Your Day Care Charges With Mocking Captions Is Very Rude

sad_toddlersIt’s rude for an employee of a business to post photos of customers online without their permission, and ruder still for those photos to have mocking captions. And it’s totally unacceptable for a day care employee to post photos of her tiny charges to Instagram with mocking LOLcat-style captions. When one parent found out, she was furious.

The photo of her son in a high chair, with the caption “I’m sick of this shit,” had comments on it from fellow workers and a manager at the daycare. Not cool. The mom called the day care center, then phoned a local TV station. Now two of the workers involved have been fired, and the state of Virginia is investigating the center. While there isn’t anything in the employee handbook about Instagram, they aren’t allowed to bring personal cameras to work.

Daycare workers fired for Instagram pictures [WAVY]

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