Robbing The Bank Isn’t The Best Way To Turn A Negative Account Balance Into A Positive

Many banks are a one-stop shop for financial services — you need to withdraw money? Cool, do that there. Get a loan? Sure, you can ask about that. But if you’re inquiring about a negative account balance, the best way to turn that red account into a black one is not robbing the bank itself. That’s one deposit that’ll be tough to make.

Police in St. Petersburg, Fla. say a man robbed his local Bank of America branch right after he inquired about a negative balance in his checking account, reports Bay News 9.

He allegedly tried to use his ATM card one morning at the bank and was alerted to the fact that he had no funds, which is never fun for anyone. So he apparently walked up to a teller and asked what the deal was, say cops.

The arrest report says he then slipped a note to the employee demanding $1,000 and telling her not to walk from the window or hit any alarms. She passed him some money and he left, getting into a car driven by someone else.

Cops pulled the car in question over about an hour later, and after questioning the woman inside, were told that her boyfriend had borrowed the car earlier. From there, the boyfriend said he’d given the suspect a ride but hadn’t been aware there was a bank robbery involved.

Police tracked the man down eventually and arrested him. He allegedly confessed tot he robbery and said the money was for a drug debt. He’s been charged with robbery and possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Police: Man robbed bank after asking about negative balance [Bay News 9]

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