Would You Rather Have Live Stand-Up Comedy On A Flight Or The Sweet Sound Of Silence?

That crying baby two rows up not entertaining enough for you? Perhaps you forgot to charge your Kindle or left the latest Dan Brown book on the bus, and you need something to keep you entertained during your flight. Sir Richard Branson is either coming to your rescue or will be annoying a lot of fliers.

Virgin Atlantic will start offering live entertainment on certain domestic flights — which means we’ll have to stay bored here in the U.S., at least for now — beginning with stand-up comedians doing their thing this month, reports the Telegraph.

Next month customers will be treated (or tortured, depending on your personal taste) to live music celebrating the “rich music scenes in Scotland and Manchester.

Here’s the kicker — passengers won’t even know if their flight will have a jokester onboard beforehand. Surprise! You’re entertained! Or annoyed! Which is it?

Virgin Atlantic offers live in-flight entertainment [Telegraph]

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