Man Drops $900 In Home Depot Parking Lot, Actually Gets It Back

Too often we hear about unlucky souls who accidentally drop large amounts of cash, only to have it snatched up by some heartless goon who believes “finders keepers” is the law of the land. So on this lovely Friday afternoon, we bring you a story with a much happier ending.

KRCR-TV in Redding, CA, reports on an area man who didn’t immediately notice when $900 in cash dropped out of his pocket in a Home Depot parking lot.

“I had it in my pocket to pay some bills and the next morning I wake up and it was gone,” he tells the station. “I was stressed out.”

Luckily for him, another customer had spotted the cash and picked it up with the intention of taking it to the police. At first, says a Home Depot manager, this customer didn’t realize he’d stumbled upon $900 until he got home and put his glasses on.

And so he contacted the store, which did some investigating and was able to figure out which customer had spilled the bills in the parking lot.

The customer was reunited with his money and the store offered a reward to the man who’d turned it in, though he declined the offer.

“Times are so tough,” says the man whose money went missing, “people are out of work and for somebody to find $900 laying on the floor and just pick it up and give it back to you is unbelievable.”

Man loses $900 in Red Bluff Home Depot parking lot, then gets it all back []

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