Hey, Target: Good Luck Selling 2-Packs For $9.99 When Single Shampoos Cost $4.49 Each

Spend more money or less money? Hmm...

Spend more money or less money? Hmm…

There comes a time in life when you just can’t muster the strength or willpower to get your hair wet, slather it in shampoo, and then rinse it out. I know, it’s exhausting to even think about. But because cleanliness is next to studliness/loveliness, there’s a little product called dry shampoo that takes most of that effort out of the equation. Speaking of equations, Target might want to do some of those when pricing its dry shampoo offerings.

Consumerist reader snapped a pic of the above shampoos, noting, “What a deal!” Sarcasm, Amanda. We see what you did there.

Perhaps the greasy fumes emanating from my unwashed head are affecting my math skills, but it would appear that a Target customer in great need of multiple bottles of dry shampoo could pick up two single bottles for $4.49 each, about $9 total, or splash out on that fancy plastic packaging that connects two bottles for almost $10.

Usually the reason for packing items together relays savings to a customer, but as yet another example of Target’s fuzzy math shows, you’re not always better off buying in bulk.

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