‘The Simpsons’ Is Getting Its Very Own LEGO Series

Kind of surprised this hasn't happened already.

Kind of surprised this hasn’t happened already.

As that ancient Sumerian proverb goes: If you love something, turn it into a LEGO set. And if holding the title of longest-running animated show means anything, it’s that fans love the ever-loving crap out of The Simpsons. As such, LEGO says it’ll release a Simpsons-themed series in 2014.

Will fans be able to recreate the entire town of Springfield, State Unknown But Much Speculated About? Is the Marge figure going to have towering blue LEGO hair or will Homer’s belly be reproduced in all its bulging glory? It’s not too clear right now, notes the Associated Press, as LEGO is holding this one close to the vest

The Danish toy company simply says the special series will hit shelves around the world in 2014, with a spokesman declining to give any other details about characters included in those sets. He did say that LEGO hopes the series will “appeal to fans of ‘The Simpsons’ family.”

Since the show has been on the air for 22 years, with hundreds of characters and story lines populating The Simspons universe, LEGO definitely has its work cut out for it so far as pleasing fans goes. But on the other hand, it’s also got quite an arsenal of subject matter for future merchandise. Here’s where we picture LEGO executives with cash signs in their eyes.

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