Reno Man Accused Of Chronic Dining & Dashing Habit Lands In Jail

If bad consumers need any more reason to fear the almighty power of the Internet to root out questionable behavior and turn the collective force of social media upon one’s bad deeds, look no further than the Reno man publicly shamed by Facebook. After an area restaurant accused him on Facebook last week of being a chronic dine-and-dasher, law enforcement took it a step further and sent him to jail.

The Associated Press said the man has been jailed on an “unspecified probation violation,” so we can’t be totally sure that his alleged transgressions at area eateries are at the root of his jail time.

But the restaurant that first brought claims of his bad habits to late appears to believe that the arrest is linked to the claims that he’s stiffed others on the check. Employees posted the below on Facebook after the man’s arrest:

Thanks so much for your help and overwhelming support in this unfortunate situation. We are excited to announce that [the customer] has just been taken into custody by the Reno Parole & Probation Department. We hope that all of his outstanding debts are paid in time, but more importantly, that he makes wiser decisions in the future. From this point forward, law enforcement will be handling [the man’s] case, and we will get back to brewing amazing beer!

The customer claimed he wasn’t going to leave that $100 bill unpaid, but it appears that promises don’t stretch that far in the eyes of the law.

(Man) jailed after Facebook shame over dine-and-dash [Associated Press]

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