Can’t Get A Cronut Stateside? Try The Dunkin’ Donuts Knockoff… In South Korea

I'd eat that.

I’d eat that.

While we’re sure the rest of the country isn’t lathering itself up into a glazed frenzy over the ultra hip culinary must-have in New York City — the so-called “cronut,” a hybrid croissant/doughnut that sells out lickety-split each and every day — if you’re into that kind of thing, you can find it elsewhere. In Asia though, so hope you’ve got your miles saved up.

There are impostors a-plenty angling for a piece of the cronut pie sparked by chef Dominique Ansel’s original creation, notes the Huffington Post, including recent contenders from Dunkin’ Donuts… in South Korea and the Philippines. So close, and yet so very far.

Seoul’s got the “New York Pie Donut” creating long lines for a bite of the flaky goodness while in the Philippines DD is a bit less creative with naming conventions, debuting its Donut Croissant. Oh yeah, we get it. A donut and a croissant! Great idea.

And if one of these locales is less than convenient for your cronutty needs, you can always take a gander at Buzzfeed’s list of 61 other knockoffs. Or do what I do and take a bite of a doughnut, then a bite of a croissant, chew, and swallow. It all ends up in the same place, anyway.

Dunkin’ Donuts Cronut Knockoff Now Available In South Korea, Philippines [Huffington Post]

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