Fully Automated Coffee Kiosk Is Probably A Sign Of The Impending Robot Uprising

First they’re serving you coffee and then the next thing you know, they’ve evolved to the point where we can’t tell if they’re human or cylon and Admiral Adama is trying to save a ragtag bunch of colonial citizens. A fully-aumotated coffee kiosk promises its robot baristas are just as good (or better) than human workers, which of course means we’re this much closer to a Battlestar Galactica existence.

One might think you couldn’t outsource the person responsible for brewing up a cup of Joe or steaming milk for a latte, but one company thinks otherwise. It’s just installed the first fully automated coffee kiosk at the University of Texas in Austin, reports Business Week.

“But can a robot sufficiently burn the coffee enough like that one chain?” you’re probably wondering, while plotting out how best to survive the no doubt impending robot revolution.

The Briggo Coffee Haus thinks so, saying its kiosk uses “robotics to emulate the motions of a champion barista to precisely prepare specialty coffee drinks to your specifications.”

“We’re trying to give customers control of their coffee experiences,” the company’s head says. “We give a lot of customization opportunities.”

Customers simply waltz up to a touchscreen or swipe around on the company’s app to order and track their beverages. The system also allows for scheduled drinks, so students can plan on picking up that liquid stimulant on the way to class.

This sign of the machine apocalypse is so far restricted to that one location, but another is planned for the Austin airport and a few other locations in the future. Prepare yourselves for caffeinated robot rebellion, everyone. It must be close.

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