We’ll Always Remember The Time We Met The Best Tampon Pitch Girl Ever

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There are some forces that can’t be denied in this world, and effective advertising is one of them. And when I say “effective” I mean, “Made me giggle so hard I made a noise that I’ve never made before.” Fair warning: The ad has to do with tampons and other menstruation paraphernalia so if you’re the type to be squeamish about a natural human body function half the world’s population deals with on a monthly basis, now’s the time to stop yourself from inventing new giggle sounds. You’ll be missing out, though.

That’s because the hilarious young lady in Hello Flo’s ad has better comedic timing than many grown comics could hope to muster ever, as she explains how getting “the red badge of courage” while at camp turns her from a “random loser” into the Camp Gyno. Flinging tampons and dispensing hard truths such as “This is your life now” to a girl clutching her womb in pain, she is the final word in camp time menstruation.

Until, that is, Hello Flo — the product this ad is all about — comes around. It’s a box of ladytime supplies that arrives each month at said lady’s appropriate time, stocked with tampons, liners and oh yes, oh yes — candy.

The company’s founder explains how she and the co-writers and co-directors, Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, brewed up the spot without using an agency.

“We came up with this idea over a bottle of wine and a bunch of Thai food one night,” founder and CEO Naama Bloom told AdWeek. “I was listing out my insights about the period experience and shared the story of the girl at camp that my friends and I all turned to for advice. When Pete said ‘You mean like a Camp Gyno?’ we basically knew what we had to do. Only humor could tell this story in a way that would be relatable, endearing and shareable.”

Prepare yourselves. This little lady takes no prisoners.

Ad of the Day: Tampon Subscription Service HelloFlo Is ‘Like Santa for Your Vagina’ [AdWeek]

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