Walmart Employee Accused Of Helping Himself To $106K In Bogus Money Orders

walmartemployeenmAn employee at a New Mexico Walmart apparently thought he’d found a loophole in the store’s MoneyGram service that would allow him to print out bogus money orders without being detected. He was wrong, though he did manage to scam the retailer out of $106,000 before being arrested.

According to KRQE in Albuquerque, the 23-year-old would print out money orders — usually in amounts slightly less than $1,000 — but would turn off the computer at a point in the process. He believed that this prevented the money order from being entered into the system.

“The way he was doing it they were almost untrackable until their loss-prevention team started monitoring their video system,” a police captain tells KRQE. “From the looks of it he thought he was going to get away with it for quite some time.”

But while he may not have been able to see them on his screen, police say there are still records of all 111 allegedly bogus money orders printed out by employee. In early July, Walmart conducted an audit and realized there was money missing.

Police say the scam had been going on since April, but it looks like the employee got greedy toward the end. Last Thursday, shortly before being arrested, he allegedly printed out 11 money orders worth more than $11,000.

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