Simple Human Replaces Self-Destructing Trash Can In Simple, Easy Transaction

trashcan_herdSure, a foot pedal lid trash can is a pretty mundane household item, but try going without it after you get used to having one. Annemarie’s Simple Human trash can jettisoned a part when she stepped on its pedal one day. It had a year left on the five-year warranty, so she called up the company. Maybe they could replace the lid?

They could. They also replaced the whole can while they were at it.

Annemarie writes:

Hi Consumerist…. Just wanted to praise Simple Human’s great customer service. 4 yrs. ago I purchased one of their step trash cans. (all their trash cans carry a 5 year warranty).

Yesterday as i went to step on the pedal of my trash can, the lid twisted and a part flew off.

I called Simple Human’s customer service line, spoke with a agent, she requested a scanned picture of the broken part, once she viewed it she told me they would replace the trash can for free. She sent me a prepaid shipping label to print and told me they would ship a new one out to me free of any charges. ($70.00 value)

Now this was a smooth transaction, no hassles from them. just honest to goodness great customer service.

Kudos to Simple Human and their great 5 year warranty.

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