Kohl’s Celebrates Royal Baby With Coupon Code For Peasants For Some Reason

Retailers don’t need much of a pretext to send out online coupons: current events, real or made-up holidays, the weather: it’s all a good enough reason to send out an e-mail and then sit back and wait for the sales to roll in. That’s the apparent logic behind a Kohl’s sale dedicated to the newest, tiniest heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.



I don’t know about you, but the news that some people on another continent who are rich and famous not on their own merits managed to procreate puts me in the mood to shop for sundresses and sensible sandals. Not tipster Justin, though. “Kohl’s coupon selling on the birth of the royal baby. How does this have anything to do with clothes? Wow…”

Obviously Justin doesn’t have children: babies need lots of clothes to barf, drool, and excrete on before they grow out of them. Maybe a baby-themed sale would have made more sense.

Out of curiosity, we tried replacing the word “boy” with the word “girl” in the URL that this graphic loaded from, and got this image:


Same coupon code, inexplicably hot pink version of the same sale solicitation. Marketers have to be prepared.

Oh, well: at least no one has to stand outside in the Texas heat in a fur hat.

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