Twitter’s Mobile Update Will Keep You Safe From All The Naked People

Protect your innocence.

Protect your innocence.

Perhaps the reflex that causes you to clap your hands over your eyes when you see a naked body part is not so quick, but hush now, don’t worry – Twitter’s mobile version will keep your eyes pure. A new update for iOS and Android has a block in place that filters out questionable content inside of tweets, politely informing you before you view it that you might not want to see what’s coming next.

All Things D confirmed the wee bit of censorship, which keeps any potentially naughty photos from appearing unless you click through and tell Twitter that yes, you want to see what you’re about to see.

It isn’t just a porn filter (Yahoo! would approve of that part, eh?) but also prevents “violence or medical procedures” from popping up willy nilly.

It’s also a default feature, so if you like to fly by the seat of your pants and face the Twittersphere without fear, you’ll have to dig around in your settings to change it (Settings wheel, then check the box that says “Display media that may have sensitive content.” You can also check a box that will allow others to be warned of your raunchy tweets).

Which you might want to, as All Things D points out that one “censored” photo was simply a pic of a fully-clothed Al Sharpton and his equally-fully-clothed lady friend sitting on a couch. Scandalous.

Twitter’s Mobile Update Can Keep Your Sensitive Eyes Safe From Sexy Tweets [All Things D]


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