Here’s Video Of A Car Crashing Into A Dunkin’ Donuts

Starting to feel the midday drag? Here’s a little video to wake you up, and make you glad that you were not the driver of the car that crashed into a Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday.

Philly’s FOX29 has security camera footage — from two angles no less — of the vehicle backing into the DD in the city’s Overbrook Park neighborhood on Wednesday.

The car, backed up at a high rate of speed, while turning, and managed to score a field goal, landing squarely in the front entrance of the eatery. You can see on the interior camera footage that it hit hard enough to shake the entire building.

Luckily, no one was hurt, including the elderly driver, whose friend was inside the Dunkin’ at the time.

An employee tells FOX29 that he had to climb through the building’s drive-thru window in order to get outside and help the driver out of his car.

“Best thing is nobody is hurt; this is a good thing,” says the owner.

Exactly, that way we can all enjoy the video without feeling guilty.

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