UPS Robocalls Me 74 Times About The Same Package

Subscribing to UPS MyChoice means that you have more control over your packages and get some extra attention from UPS, but this isn’t what Eric had in mind. Over the weekend, something went terribly wrong with the company’s systems, and UPS began to robocall him about the package he’ll be receiving this week. Seventy-four times since the beginning of Sunday.

So on Sunday, there was some glitch with the UPS my choice automatic calling system. It started calling me (and possibly a few others!) about once every 5 minutes until you turned the notifications fully off. That was fine. They said try and turn it on today and see if it gets fixed.

Went ahead and did that and all was well until 9 this morning when the phonecalls started again. I called their technical support and was hung up on by someone thinking internet explorer would fix all my problems! He was horribly mistaken.

The second call resulted in the following fix: Wait until the package is delivered. I am not so happy with this response (as I should be) and I got another package entering the system today. What if this same problem happens again?

I would love to have a notice of what is going on with the things that I am having sent to me but I don’t like this much attention.

We’re curious whether anyone else out there who’s expecting a package this week and belongs to MyChoice experienced anything similar. If so, let us know!

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