Walmart Reuniting Faces With New Twinkies Starting… Now

Twinkies, meet mouth. Mouth, meet Twinkies.

Twinkies, meet mouth. Mouth, meet Twinkies.

UPDATE: Hostess is responding to Walmart’s announcement that it would stock Twinkies today, ahead of the July 15 release date, by noting that it isn’t playing favorites with any retailers.

A spokeswoman tells Consumerist:

We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and loyalty in connection with Hostess’ historic comeback. With demand running several times ahead of prior year’s levels, Hostess has shipped product to warehouses of every major retail customer across the country including fulfillment of thousands of “ready to display” pallets. These shipments were coordinated to give everyone the same opportunity to display the product on July 15th. Hostess has not, and is not, giving any particular retailer exclusivity or preference to have products first and is making a great effort to fulfill orders equally and timely to everyone.



We are not above being on high Twinkies alert, as you may have noticed. It’s like we’ve been checking our snack cake watches repeatedly over the last few months, wondering whether or not it’s Stuff Your Face With Nostalgic Sponge Cakes We Didn’t Care As Much About Before Hostess Went Bankrupt o’clock yet. While the official release for new Twinkies into the wild is July 15, Walmart is jumping the gun, it seems.

Yes, the big hand is on the Hostess and the little hand is on the Twinkies on our snack timepieces, a full three days before the expected launch date — but only in certain locations.

“Starting today, the new Hostess Twinkies hits shelves at select Walmart stores nationwide, with all domestic U.S. stores being fully stocked by 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, July 14 – a full day before the national comeback,” Hostess writes in a press release sent to Consumerist this morning.

They’ll arrive a bit later in Hawaii and Alaska, the company notes, ostensibly because they first have to make boats made of Twinkies to cross the Pacific and some sort of Twinkies ice truck maneuvering through Canada.

Twinkie enthusiasts are encouraged to visit their local Walmart to pick up the first-run batch of Twinkies with collectible packaging, available exclusively at Walmart.

Walmart seems to be expecting a rush on the snack aisle, and adds that it’s planning on replenishing “its stock of Hostess Twinkies and other popular products consistently after July 14 to meet customer demand.”

Yet another long national nightmare,  soon to be over.

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