Sure, Netflix Said It’d Only Do One Season Of Arrested Development, But…

Our sentiments, exactly.

Our sentiments, exactly.

Netflix, y’all are just a bunch of outright teases, pulling the heart strings of Arrested Development fans this way and that way. Back in February, the company was all like, don’t get your hopes up, people — we’re only doing one streaming season of the show. The episodes hit all at once in May, hullabaloo ensued, and we all thought it was over until the AD movie. But it isn’t, not really.

“We are in conversations with them to do another,” Brian Grazer, co-chairman of the production company, Imagine Entertainment said of Netflix in an interview yesterday with Bloomberg Television.“They are interested in doing that.”

It’s not a surprising move, as the return of the critical and fan darling, along with Netflix original programming like House of Cards, has been keeping Netflix customers happier than baby ducks in a bathtub (which, if you’ve never seen, is deliriously happy).

Netflix isn’t talking on that front, however, as a spokesman hadn’t responded to Bloomberg’s attempts to get a comment, but CEO Reed Hastings expressed his interest in a longer relationship in the past.

“If the talent were willing to do more and interested in that, I’m sure we would be willing,” Hastings said back in May.

Teases. All a bunch of teases.

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