Your Kids Are Smarter Than You: Toddler Buys Car On eBay Using Dad’s Smartphone

Winning something on eBay is such a thrill — except when you didn’t realize that you were even bidding because your toddler got her hands on your phone and oh my god, we own a car now that we didn’t before? That’s exactly what happened to one family after a little tyke got her hands on her dad’s smartphone, complete with the eBay app.

The dad tells ABC News he had no idea his daughter had done anything but play on his phone, until eBay sent him an exciting email.

“I didn’t realize until I got an email from eBay, basically saying congratulations,” he explains.

So what did he and his wife win? A 1962 Austin Healey Sprite, a small sports car. Gulp.

While at first the dad says they were a bit panicked, all’s well that ends well: Instead of getting out of it, the family decided heck, why not keep the car? It was only $225 after all, and will make for a great 16th birthday present for their daughter.

A lot more rewarding than say, a five-year-old kid accidentally spending $2,500 in online games on his parents’ iPad, right?

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