In Hindsight, A Low-Carb Pasta Bake Isn’t Such A Great Idea

atkinsbakeOkay, the concept of a “low-carb pasta bake” doesn’t sound very promising to begin with, but it doesn’t look so bad on the box. Reader Jeff bought it and microwaved it and ended up with a meal that….well, that kind of looks like chili.

Jeff tells us that you’re better off with pretty much any other brand of diet frozen dinner.

On the other end of the carbohydrate spectrum, over at the excellent site Tasty Lies, they got hold of a macaroni and cheese pizza. You know, a pizza with macaroni and cheese on it.



What business does such a terrible-sounding meal concept have looking so edible?

Tony’s: Macaroni & Cheese Pizza [Tasty Lies]

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