How To Pick Laundry Appliances With Features That Are Actually Useful

If you’ve never bought your own appliances before or the dryer you bought during the Carter administration finally died, you might find the array of features available on modern washers and dryers daunting and scary. The problem is that the machine with the most features isn’t necessarily the best one.

If only there were a publication that tested different appliances objectively against each other. Oh, wait–there is! Our sibling publication Consumer Reports compiled a list of features that actually will save you money, time, or both. A few that you may want to seek out:

Auto-load sensing: Instead of guessing what is a “small” or “large” load and wasting water accordingly, the machine figures it out for you.

Moisture sensors: On the other end of the laundry cycle, sensors can figure out precisely when your clothes are dry and not heat them for a minute more.

Large-capacity machines: Do more laundry at once! Avoid having to take large, fluffy comforters to the laundromat!

Washer and dryer features that save loads of money [Consumer Reports]

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