TripAdvisor Decides That June 30 Doesn’t Exist

Christopher is supposed to be traveling right now. If he did manage to schedule his trip, he didn’t do it through TripAdvisor. That’s because as far as TripAdvisor is concerned, yesterday never happened. If he were trying to schedule on February 29, 2013, they would have a point, but there is a June 30 pretty much every year.


If you’re confused, Christopher was even more confused. Multiple hotels had the same problem. He wanted to check in yesterday, June 30, but that couldn’t happen. In TripAdvisorLand, yesterday never happened and never was going to happen.

Apparently, I live in an alternate reality as Sunday, June 30 does not exist on the TripAdvisor site. You can’t type in 06/30/13 — you have to click your dates from their pop-up calendar. And as mentioned before, June 30th does not exist. So I can’t click it. I could understand why February 30th or June 31st would go missing. I’m pretty much counting on June 30th existing each year.

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