Should GE Make My Matching Washer And Dryer Match Again?

Mary’s GE washing machine began to dance around the room, but not in a lighthearted, anthropomorphic-appliance sort of way. It was more of an irritating, the-washer-is-broken situation. Fortunately, the solution was simple. All the technician had to do was take the washer off the pedestal that’s meant to raise the appliance and make loading and unloading easier. Great, but, um…what about the dryer?

Yeah, about that dryer.

Yeah, about that dryer.

Mary paid for a matching set of appliances, so wouldn’t it be nice for GE to help her get the dryer off the pedestal and let them match again? Nope: she’d have to pay someone herself if she wants that to happen.

She writes:

After numerous service calls on my GE washer “dancing” around the room the service tech decided the problem was the pedestal (made by GE). They removed the pedestal and no more dancing.

When I asked them to take the dryer off the pedestal so they’d be uniform, they wanted to charge me. I made several calls up the Customer Service hierarchy chain, but GE wouldn’t do it without charge. Considering that their product didn’t operate correctly, I’d have expected them to make it right.

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