NYC Theatergoers Will Be Able To Skip Long Lines With New TKTS Fast Pass

Anyone who’s ever tried to get a ticket to a Broadway show in New York City knows it can be a daunting task — especially for the super popular musicals. But those in the know have come to love the TKTS booth, where theatergoers can score same-day deals on tickets. It’s now going to get even better for lovers of the Great White Way: The nonprofit that runs the booth is introducing a new Fast Pass in celebration of TKTS’ 40th birthday.

The new program offered by the Theatre Development Fund, which runs the booth selling discounted Broadway and off-Broadway tickets, will allow anyone who has bought a ticket from the booth to come back within seven days and skip the wait the next time they buy a ticket.

You can’t just show up and say, “Oh, uhh, yeah, I was totally here last week.” Patrons must bring a ticket stub that proves they bought a ticket from TKTS and they’ll be pushed through to the first window. That’s reserved usually for full-price tickets to future performances, and as such, usually isn’t as busy.

From the sound of it, you can only skip the lines if the ticket was purchased through TKTS and not elsewhere for full price.

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