Best Buy E-mail System Really Wants To Make Sure I Know Store Is Closed

currentlyclosedVictor gets it, Best Buy. He ordered a Vita memory card for in-store pickup, but the store is closed. He got the message the first time, but Best Buy decided to keep reminding him. Well, that, or their e-mail system has some kind of bug, but it’s fun to think about the system checking every five minutes or so to be sure: “nope, still closed.”

Victor writes:

So other Consumerist readers are lucky enough to get free iPads when Best Buy’s system freaks out and sends them 2 or 12. It freaked out on me Friday, but I got the booby prize of freakouts – notifications about every 5-10 minutes that our store was closed and I couldn’t pick up my Vita memory card yet (see screengrab).


It stuffed my email box with 43kb missives reviewing everything it told me 5-10 minutes before, over and over. I would have rather had free iPads.

I don’t know: I would have settled for a few dozen extra memory cards instead.

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