20 Tourists Stuck On Drifting Ice Floe Pretty Sure The Brochure Didn’t Mention This Part


Not the ice in question. (Karen_Chapell)

A group of 20 tourists found themselves on a floating, icy version of Gilligan’s Island, after a bit of ice they were standing on in the Arctic Bay broke off and drifted away. They were joined on their drifting adventure by a bunch of hunters on another ice floe that went for a cruise yesterday morning off Baffin Island, and traveled a few miles offshore.

While the group of 11 drifting hunters were able to were able to make it back to shore yesterday afternoon, after they crossed onto the land when the floe split and their section floated close to shore, the tourists were stuck until this morning, reports the CBC.

Canadian Forces had delivered survival supplies to the tourists yesterday via a Hercules aircraft from Winnipeg, the Royal Canadian Air Force said yesterday.

“They’ve been able to locate the area and the folks that are stranded on the ice floe, and they’ve been able to drop survival rescue kits, which include large life-rafts as well as other survival equipment,” said a major with the RCA.

No injuries have been reported thus far (notwithstanding the mental awfulness of being stranded on an ice floe overnight).

While they’re back on land, they’re still not home yet. A helicopter will pick up the tourists later today, said the search and rescue co-ordinator.

Until then, they’re waiting at a small cabin with supplies, food, and at least one person piping up, “Remember that one time when  we were stuck on an ice floe adrift in the Arctic?”

Tourists stranded on Arctic Bay ice floe return to shore [CBC]

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