Airline Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do After $1.2M Goes Missing During Flight

There’s a reason people handcuff themselves to briefcases full of money (at least, they do in the movies): So those stacks of cash don’t wander off and go missing. To wit: The FBI says $1.2 million in cash disappeared from a Swiss International Air Lines jet that arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport from Zurich, Switzerland, the place we imagine as filled with super secrets banks and streets paved in gold.

It’s not entirely clear when the cash — all in $100 bills — went poof. The FBI said the money was discovered to be missing after the plane had landed in New York, reports the Associated Press.

The agency is now looking into whether it was pilfered from the cargo hold in Switzerland, or if someone snuck into the plane on the ground here and swiped it.

The airline says it had “no indication that any valuables were removed from a Swiss International Air Lines aircraft” at JFK, but didn’t say anything about a super secret thief sidling into the hold in Zurich, Oceans [insert whichever number they’re up to with those movies here] style.

No one else involved is saying much about the matter, so we don’t have any information as to what kind of person was traveling with that kind of cash. Carmen Sandiego? Jason Bourne? Whoever it was, you might want to consider that whole handcuffed-to-the-briefcase thing in the future.

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