After 3 Months, Asus Can’t Send Me A Working Motherboard

Ian tells us that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to computers. What he doesn’t know is whether Asus will ever send him a properly functioning motherboard for his current gaming rig. This seems like it would be simple enough, but on Planet Asus, it is not. After months of incompetence and frustration, he broke down and shared his story with us.


After 3 months of dealing with Asus’ lack of customer support and sending numerous emails, spending hours of my life on the phone, and still having no motherboard to show for it I’ve decided to share my story with you guys.

It all started back in March when I sent my Crosshair V motherboard off to Asus for a simple Warranty repair, and received it back shortly after, after hooking up the “repaired” board it promptly shorted and fried my CPU/GPU. Now, I’m not a noobie with hardware I’ve been building systems since 1997 and am A+ certified, I also build gaming systems, and other computers for friends/family/neighbors/etc (Anyone who pays me) and I know this wasn’t a user error.

I contacted Asus and was informed to send the board back in to them, which was sent in and promptly lost by their warehouse staff. It took a few days to locate the board, and then they said my [serial number] was wrong on the board. I asked an agent if it was possible that if they lost it, there was a mixup with the SN and they sent me a faulty board, he said it WAS possible and probably what happened and would have a board sent out that day. Fast forward to 2 weeks later and a motherboard arrives after being assured it was tested, inspected, and good to go.

I eagerly open the box, ready to get back to using my main gaming rig and notice a glaring and horribly obvious fault with the motherboard: It’s missing it’s CPU cooler retention plate (see photos), This plate holds a CPU cooler to the motherboard to cool the CPU, and is 100% Necessary for operation of a desktop PC.

After calling Asus AGAIN, I was told to wait, and after another month I decided to carpet bomb their Facebook, [P] on the Facebook team hooked me up with a corporate customer support agent who said they would have a board sent to me ASAP. We emailed back and forth for 5 weeks, [A] continuously told me to “wait a bit longer”, So I carpet bombed their Facebook’s again, and was hooked up with another agent who is now telling me to wait even longer to get a stupid motherboard sent to me.

Unless the cooler retention plates are made from unobtainium, this should not be so difficult. Instead of blasting the Facebook page, try aiming higher: blast the executives.

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