The Poop Cruise Ship Sails Again: First Two Triumph Voyages Are Sold Out

Thar she blows! (KHOU-11)

Thar she blows! (KHOU-11)

What is it about poop-filled hallways and sewage slushies that has somehow become appealing? The world may never know, but despite the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph’s reign as the Poop Cruise, it’s set to sail the high seas again with its first two voyages completely sold out. Yeah, we know — what in the what?

It’s true, folks: KHOU-11 News says Triumph is back in port in Galveston, returning home after its trials and tribulations at sea last February. You know, that infamous voyage where an engine room fire left passengers stranded on the ship for days without electricity or working toilets. Poop. There was a lot of it.

The first four-day cruise (not be confused with  four-hour tour) is scheduled to hit the open water on Thursday and is totally sold out. A five-day cruise scheduled to depart on Monday is also booked to the gills.

You know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, even if it involves a fecal matter nightmare.

“I’d love to be on the first cruise! It’s in the best shape it’s every going to be in,” said one Galveston resident.

Bon voyage, y’all. Here’s to hoping you have a safe, pleasant and hygienic trip.

Carnival Triumph back in Galveston, first two voyages sold out [KHOU-11 News]

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