Google Referenced Once Every 2.3 Minutes In ‘The Internship’

Image courtesy of Google google google google google.

Google google google google google.

Google google google google google.

Even after our product-placement round-up last week, we still haven’t seen two-hour Google ad called The Internship, and now it’s even less likely that we ever will, as someone who did see it went through and tallied up all the times Google or one of its properties is mentioned in the movie.

Vulture’s Lauren Duca actually cataloged the numerous name-drops, logos, and references to Google in the movie, and it’s more than we had even expected.

In addition to all the times that someone uses Gmail, Google+, Google Play, or Google search, there are bought-and-paid-for lines actually spoken by Vince Vaughn’s character Billy and Nick, played by Owen Wilson:

Billy: “Google, the place is amazing — they’ve got nap pods!”

Billy: “Google needs us, Google wants us.”

Nick: “You sweet son of a bitch, you got us a job at Google?”

Nick: “I want us to go to California and I want us to get these jobs at Google.”

In total, we counted 52 references on the Vulture list. With a runtime of 119 minutes, that means there is a Google reference every 2.3 minutes in the movie.

On a tangential topic unrelated to blatant product placement, we feel obliged to point out that Internship director Shawn Levy used to be an actor, and that he starred as the big-haired, small-town punk terror in the 1987 not-classic Zombie Nightmare, which went on to become arguably the funniest Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode ever:

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