Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Upset After JetBlue Pilot Hears Crying Baby, Asks If It’s Sidney Crosby

sidneycrosbySome angry Pittsburgh Penguins fans are calling for a boycott of JetBlue after a pilot on a flight to Boston made a crack over the intercom equating Penguins star Sidney Crosby with a crying baby.

CBS Boston reports that, while the plane was boarding, the sound of a crying baby could be heard throughout the cabin, leading the pilot to joke over the loudspeaker, “Is that Sidney Crosby in back of our plane?”

The plane happened to have several members of the Boston sports media who were returning home following a Bruins victory over Pittsburgh that put the Boston team up 2-0 in the NHL semifinals, so it went over reasonably well with the captive audience.

JetBlue even played it up on their Twitter account, writing “Gotta love Boston based pilots!… (your pilots) have some great blue lines of their own.”

But it’s not playing so great on JetBlue’s Facebook page, where some Pens fans are calling for JetBlue blood.

“It nice to see how professional a man who controls your aircraft can be joking about sports on the intercom,” writes one fan. “its ridiculous and shows you have a child at the helm of your COCKpit. I will from here on out NEVER fly with JetBlue Airways again.”

“I guess Jet Blue pilots are just like school in the summer time… No class,” says another. “Pretty bad representation of your company’s professionalism. Bad form indeed.”

In response to one fan who demanded an apology, JetBlue wrote:

“[F]un is a core value at JetBlue, and we love when our pilots get to address customers and show off their passion. Our Boston-based pilot was clearly as excited by the game as many of our Boston customers. As the largest carrier in Boston, and the official airline of Boston’s TD Garden, you’re bound to find some passionate Boston fans within our crews. If the pilot had been a PIT fan, we’d expect some fun on that PIT-BOS flight from them as well.”

Of course, you may remember that a bar in Pittsburgh recently stopped selling Samuel Adams beer to show its distaste for all-things-Boston.

What do you think? Did the pilot cross a line or are Penguins fans overreacting?

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