When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

potdoorsignWe’ve gone over this in the past: if you receive a package in the mail that you didn’t order, it’s yours to keep. You’re under no obligation to send it back or to pay for it. Things are a little different, though, when you receive something illegal on your doorstep. Say, eleven pounds of marijuana.

That’s what happened to someone who lives in Sacramento, California. The FedEx box wasn’t addressed to his house, but had his name and address as the return address. After no one picked it up at a Fedex/Kinko’s location, the box went back to the return address written on it. That’s why it’s called a “return address,” after all.

Police valued the shipment at $24,000. Afraid of what might happen when someone came looking for it, the recipient and his fiancée are staying elsewhere, and put a big sign on the front door that explains where they sent the package.

Large box of marijuana delivered to wrong Sacramento house [KXTV] (WARNING: Auto-play video)

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