Walmart Making Changes In Its Produce Section Because No One Likes Wilted Lettuce

Walmart has a problem with its fresh fruits and vegetables. Namely that some of its customers have been complaining that its produce aisle is far from fresh, which has prompted the ginormous retailer to announce steps it’s taking to improve the quality of those products, including sourcing more food from local farms and weekly checks of its produce aisles in more than 3,400 stores.

According to the Associated Press, Walmart says it’s also implementing a new training program for its sales associates to teach everyone how to handle the produce so it’s not all banged up and unappealing when it reaches the shelf.

“We’re listening to our customers and delivering on our promise to offer great produce at the most affordable price,” said Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of the grocery business for Wal-Mart’s U.S. division.

The company added that its goal is to double the sales of locally grown produce by December 2015.

This could prove fruitful (pun totally and definitely intended) for Walmart, as shoppers are slowly shifting toward eating healthier and are looking for supermarkets that make it easier to do so.

Walmart hasn’t stood up well in the produce aisle compared to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and other chains, as one analyst tells the AP, it’s a consistency problem — some of Walmart’s “produce is fresh, some isn’t.”

To further bolster the company’s commitment to actually fresh fresh produce, Walmart also announced a 100% money back guarantee for shoppers who are dissatisfied with their produce. Shoppers must have a receipt, but don’t need to bring the produce in question to the store to get a cash refund.

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