El Pollo Loco Customer Drops $2,200 In Parking Lot; Second Man Pockets Cash, Eats While Watching Frantic Search

elpollolocoUPDATE: Though authorities have not been able to apprehend the thief, the owner of the El Pollo Loco franchise is gifting $2,200 to the customer so that he’s no longer strapped for cash.

If you came across a wad of cash on the ground with no idea of who dropped it, you might be tempted to pocket it. But it takes a truly cold individual to see a man drop $2,200 on the ground then swoop in seconds later to pocket it — and then sit there and eat dinner while the unlucky money-dropper goes nuts trying to find his lost bankroll.

CBS 13 in Sacramento has video of this very thing happening to a customer during a recent visit to an El Pollo Loco eatery in Manteca, CA.

The customer can be seen getting out of his truck in the parking lot and dropping some cash on the ground. A man parked one spot away waits only a few seconds — and has to stop another car from pulling into a parking space — so he can snatch up the money from the ground.

Not only does he not return the cash to the man who dropped it, he doesn’t even have the courtesy to make a speedy getaway with his loot. Instead, he goes into the restaurant just as the now cash-less customer is realizing that he’s lost his money.

The “Bad Samaritan” first goes into the lavatory while the search begins, then comes back out, orders some food and eats while the other man frantically rips apart his truck trying to find the money he’d been saving to relocate to the area.

You can check out the security camera footage in the video below. Between the customer and Crimestoppers, there is a $1,300 reward for information leading to the arrest of the man who helped himself to this man’s cash.

In happier news, CBS Chicago has the story of a Palatine, IL, man who found $8,000 outside of a bank drive-thru window — and who took it inside to the bank, which was able to identify which customer had accidentally dropped the cash.

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