Ann Taylor Figures Out How My Order Went On Friend’s Credit Card, Celebrates With Free Clothes

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You may remember last week, when reader Patty wrote to us about having her friend’s credit card data somehow on her Ann Taylor Loft online ordering account. Since then, Patty heard back from someone at Ann Taylor, and while we don’t have the specifics of how her order went through on her friend’s credit card, the company is definitely trying to make things right with her. More importantly, they’re going to fix the problems with cookies and password resets that caused Patty’s problem.

She updated us:

I spoke with an Ann Taylor representative, [redacted], yesterday. He researched my situation, and, after listening to the recordings of my conversations with Ann Taylor Loft Online customer service representatives, he credited the purchase back to my friend’s credit card. [The rep] further indicated that the ordered items would be mine to keep, free of charge…he did not accept my offer to provide my credit card information for the purchase.

[The rep] indicated that Ann Taylor Loft would be considering two revisions to internal processes to avoid similar incidents in the future. First, Ann Taylor Loft is reviewing their telephone processes and procedures with the intent of avoiding the lengthy wait times for customers that I experienced following my requests to speak with supervisors in my initial telephone call. Second, Ann Taylor Loft is going to consider revising the emails customers receive when resetting their passwords. The revised emails would indicate the steps customers can take to avoid what happened in my situation, having information tied to cookies populate fields unexpectedly.

I am grateful to the Consumerist for publishing my story, and to Ann Taylor for rectifying the situation. Ultimately, it seems the corporation is trying to do the right things to enhance customer service.

Ann Taylor Scrambles My Data With My Friend’s, Shrugs

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